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"A True Legend of the Past"

SoCal 8s
September 2012
Car of the Month Issue

Written by:
Fern Mora 
SoCal 8s President

Powerpoint Show.

Acrobat (.pdf) 

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 The M-8

 The Dream That Finally Came True

The M-8 has always been the dream of every 8 owner to either see in person … or … somehow have it at one of our 8-Fest events.

We attempted to have the M-8 brought to the 2003 Left Coast 8-Fest.  Obviously we were not able to realize that dream.  The dream faded into the past ... but it was always there, that someday ... maybe ... who knows ...

The dream came true at this year “Legends of the Autobahn” in Carmel, CA when BMW decided to ship it over for public viewing along with the first showing of the Zagatto cabriolet.

Fern Mora of the SoCal 8's assembled a large collection of photographs (232)  of virtually every nook and cranny of the M-8 that was photographed by various 8 owners in attendance.  He incorporated selected photos into one of the SoCal 8’s Newsletters.

The SoCal8's newsletter is reproduced here in both a .pdf file format and a PowerPoint show.

All 232 photos are reproduced at the bottom of this page for your perusal.

Enjoy the dream!


(click on picture for large view)

Pictures Courtesy of:

  • Fern Mora (SoCal 8s President)
  • BF Smokum (http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1881392) 
  • Matt (BF Legoman67 - SoCal 8s)
  • Jose Cano (BF Chicosito - SoCal 8s)
  • Adrian (BF 4drian - SoCal 8s)
  • Nau / Nau's Reviews (http://naureview.blogspot.com/2011/06/5-best-looking-bmws.html)