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Briceland Learning Center

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09/25/2003 Visit to Briceland.

12/18/2003  Briceland follow-up.
8-Fest to Raise Funds for Briceland Learning Center
by Jud Spencer

Raffle Established for Limited Edition Signed Poster #8

Friday - September 12, 2003 - Garberville, CA - The 8-Fest organizing team announced today the establishment of a raffle to support the Briceland Learning Center of Garberville, CA. The raffle will be for the 8-Fest 2003 Limited Edition Signed Poster #8. Chances to win the framed poster are priced at $30 per ticket.

"Thank you so much for thinking of us! It is through
the generosity of people like you that we are able to continue to provide high quality instruction to our students." exclaimed
Katherine Allen, Teacher/ Administrator for the Briceland Learning Center.

 Steve Cohen, Event Coordinator for the 2003 Left Coast 8-Fest said: "The Garberville community has been exceptional in working with the 8-Fest organizing team in welcoming 8 Series owners. We believe that it's appropriate to give back to the community."

"The Benbow Inn is honored to host the Left Coast 8-Fest. Hosting this group will provide a great economic impact on our entire area. Many of the attendees have never been to our area, and each is a potential return visitor. The 8-Fest organizing team has a genuine concern about the Southern Humboldt Community, in their generous offer to donate funds from the raffle to the Briceland Learning Center," stated John E. Porter, Innkeeper for The Benbow Inn.

The 2003 Left Coast 8-Fest will be the largest meeting of BMW 8 Series in the world with nearly 100 owners and their
cars descending on Garberville, CA September 26-29, 2003. The 8 Series, produced worldwide from 1989-99, was imported into North America 1990 through 1997. The high-powered two-door GT coupe was at the time BMW's boldest design combined with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

The framed poster will be displayed in The Benbow Inn's lobby during 8-Fest. The raffle drawing will be held on
Sunday evening, September 28, at The Benbow Inn. Owners (or their designates) must be present to claim the framed poster.

* * * *About Briceland Learning Center
The Briceland Learning Center, based in Redway, CA, is a small, public alternative middle and high school for special needs students. It is a non-profit organization (501 C-3). Briceland limits enrollment to sixteen students in grades six through twelve. It employs two full-time and two part-time teachers. The school emphasizes trust and mutual respect among the entire school community through a rigorous approach of performing arts, writing composition, and a higher standard curriculum.

About The Benbow Inn
The Benbow Inn, a historic hotel located on the banks of the Eel River in Humboldt County, California is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This world-class Tudor-style inn is known for exquisite fine dining, Old-World ambiance, and provides the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. The beautiful Benbow Valley is within easy driving distance to the Wine Country, Mendocino County and San Francisco Bay Area. www.benbow.inn