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2012 Central Coast Wine Tasting Tour




By Carolyn (Spunky) Price
Kurt de Palma

This was our third year putting on this event, Kurt and I had a great time planning it and in reality all of the mid California wine tasting events so far.

Our Event this year took us thru the back roads of Paso Robles, San Miguel and Templeton, CA.  The wineries we tend to choose are more of a homey feel rather than the corporate feel.  We appreciate the one on one attention that these wineries tend to give our group (of course it could not be the cars, could it????).  Our event is a two day event.  Well maybe three, if you call getting together at the Hospitality Room Friday night (pouring wine and having cheese and crackers) before we head on out to dinner.

Saturday (after a night of carousing) our first stop after a drive thru the backcountry took us to Pomar Junction Vineyard.  This Vineyard has been around for many years and the atmosphere there was very relaxing.  Everyone got to tour the train’s caboose that was there and the Owner joined us and gave us a brief summary of his winery’s origin. We really enjoyed their wines and camaraderie.

The drive to the second winery, EOS Winery, took us on the highway for a bit which we tend to try and avoid.  We prefer the back roads as the men get to drive their cars, as men do.  EOS Winery took over the old Firestone Winery building.

Everyone really enjoyed the drive to Graveyard Cellars which was our lunch stop for the day.  The weather that day was perfect.  We had our wine tasting in their new tasting room.  We then adjourned to a very enjoyable catered lunch by the pond.  The owner joined us and it was her birthday that day. (ed:  REALLY?).  They have a dinner wine called Deliverance which is out of this world.  It is sweet and has a chocolate taste to it.  There was someone fishing in the pond and the geese were around honking at us… saying: “go somewhere else!“

Our last stop was at Barr Estate Winery.  This winery has been around for a while but has just recently opened a tasting room.  The owners and their kids helped us pour for our event.

Our drive on Sunday was an hour long and the men were very pleased with the drive Kurt planned.  We arrived at Cass Winery, for Sunday lunch, with a catered  lunch put on by Chef Jacob.  Cass Winery is one of my favorite wineries to go to as the owners there are friendly and they commingle with us.  A couple dropped by for a break, as they rode their horses through the countryside.

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