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Daily Recap *Sunday 09/28/2003
Sunday Picnic
By Jud Spencer

The winds have shifted. Sunday morning, the smoke is more dense than the previous two days. Steve Cohen paces nervously in the lobby as late-risers emerge to enter the breakfast buffet line. The Avenue of the Giants Auto Tour appears to be threatened. Williams Grove is closed to the public, where the Auto Tour was to arrive for a picnic lunch. In classic fashion, Steve receives a call at the front desk.

The forest rangers have arranged for the 8-Fest crew is to use Richardson Grove.
Relaxed and yet disappointed by this turn of events, Steve adjusts the day's itinerary to be flexible until the Tech Sessions start at 1:00p. Attendees are urged to take their picnic lunch, drive down to Richardson Grove from 10a to noon, or relax at The Benbow Inn.

Several 8's show up at Richardson Grove.
Others, like Willis and Martha Weldin, take in the sights of the Avenue of the Giants with other East Coasters. The morning is relaxed. The intense haze begins to dissipate.

Sunday, September 28, 2003
Tech Sessions: 

Rob Musante, Dean Farrell, Matt DiGregory, and David Miyasako scouted out the crowd for anyone missing a "colored dot" on their name badges.

As Tech Session team leaders, it's their job to ensure that everyone is assigned a rotating team to go to each Tech Session. Derek Pinton, co-chair of the Tech Sessions with Rob Musante, made one more round of the session sites to ensure everything needed was in order. "Let's go!" he said approvingly to the shifting crowds along the porch of The Benbow Inn.

Within minutes, four groups of 20 people each were seated in their respective forums for an hour of class
and then rotate:

1. Hands On Headlight Adjustment -
Steve Castle

"Headlight and bucket adjustments are crucial for operating your 8 Series at night." introduced Steve Castle to many session attendees.

Soon-after, he showed a seven minute video from BMW Technical Training (V.I.S.) showing the step-by-step process to perform headlight and bucket adjustments. "This is the same training tape that was used in the early 1990's to train dealership technicians. To be certified to work on the 8 Series, each technician had to view these video tapes, be tested by a BMW Technical Instructor, and eventually receive official certification before they could even touch an 8 Series." furthered Jud Spencer.

Some of the attendees that benefited from hands on training in adjusting their headlight buckets were:
  • Kelly Howard, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Ron Ellis, Denver, CO
  • Hans Wolfgang-Chi, San Diego, CA
  • John Pavesi, San Rafael, CA

2. Engine Modifications -
Ed Raether and
Henry Lawrence

"There a lot of snake oil firms out there in the aftermarket tuning game." stated Ed Raether in
his introduction of E31 Engine
modifications."They prey on 'urban myths' about what it takes to increase horsepower - for example, cold air intake systems will gain horsepower - and in the end when you get your car dyno'd, you're disappointed!"

Ed continued to talk about the realities of other performance-enabling technologies such as chips,
head design, etc. "A solid approach is to do perform a 'rebuild' of the engine to 6.0 litres." concluded Henry Lawrence, of Power Plant Racing. Henry went on to talk about his method to re-do an M70 5.0 litre engine to a 6.0 litre

3. E31 Electrical Overview - Mark Fling
(Mark in SBA)

"If it ain't broke, don't touch it!" Mark Fling passionately said to the audience in his session on
the E31 Electrical Overview. "The E31 has a complex and innovative electrical system. Don't mess with it. When electrical problems strike, it's usually due to low battery voltage and/or wear & tear."

Mark spent most of session explaining the processes of working with the 8 Series when 'rare'
electrical problems strike. "Unknown to most people is that the 8 Series electrical system is high
quality for an automotive application. What messes it all up are untrained mechanics and low battery voltage. Many 8 Series owners have encountered trouble-free electrical operations."

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