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Daily Recap *Friday 09/26/2003

Registration Day and Arrival
By Jud Spencer

The first day of 8-Fest is here. After 11 months of conceiving, planning, and preparing for the 2003 Left Coast 8-Fest, the first day of the event arrived.  

Steve Cohen rose early that morning (5:00a) to sign every personalized event program for the attendees. Soon after Steve was joined by Jud Spencer, as he began to form the "assembly line" activity for volunteers to put together 110 event programs.  Marty and Sally Saracino, along with Karen Nencini quickly arrived and began putting together the 110 name badges. And finally, Jerry Baumchen, Mary Ritzman, Kelly Howard, Micheleen Nelsom, Ron Ellis, and Chuck Kisby joined the fray to help.

The buzzing in the Hunt Club Room at The Benbow Inn could be heard throughout the lobby of the hotel as everyone pitched in to help.  Larry Burstein (the official 8-Fest photographer) fresh off his Lost Coast photo op tour, stopped in and worked with Steve Cohen and Marty Saracino on the final photo op logistics. 

The group rehearsed the registration process. At 2:30p, the first official 2003 Left Coast 8-Fest registrants arrived: Steve Cohen and Karen Nencini. After Steve approved the process, registration was opened up at 3:00p to all arriving 8-Fest attendees. Matt DiGregory, Sally Saracino, and Karen Nencini welcomed the first three arriving 8's with big smiles. Water was passed to waiting cars in 8-Fest cups. Shaking hands, making first connections with virtual friends in face-to-face terms, and wonderment abounded at the number of 8's in one place.

The majority of the caravans arrived between 4:30p and 6:00p.
The first arriving caravans came from the south with the Bay Area 8's, SoCal 8's, and the Arizona 8's arriving in steady stream of 40+ 8's. At one point, the number of 8's stretched from The Benbow Inn to the US 101 interchange (about 1/2 mile).

Each arriving 8-Fest attendee was quickly registered. Then each 8-Fest attendee drove up to The Benbow Inn green awning to have Larry Burstein take a photo of the attendees with their 8 Series.  After registration, the 8-Fest attendees gathered around the Benbow Inn porch, parking lot, and car wash area to welcome newly arriving 8-Fest attendees.

The last caravan to arrive was the BC/Northwest 8's shortly before 6:00p. At this moment, 75 8's had arrived with at least 9 more on the way.

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