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Daily Recap *Thursday 09/25/2003

Briceland Learning Center Visit
By Jud Spencer

Steve Cohen, Karen Nencini, Marty and Sally Saracino, and Jud Spencer visited with the students and faculty of Briceland Learning Center the day before 8-Fest began.

Upon arriving at the school, we were impressed by the reception we received by the students and faculty. The students were dressed up, friendly, and waiting to peer over the cars. 

Each student received a "permission slip" from their parents to take a ride in Steve and Jud's cars.  After reviewing the cars in the parking lot, the students lined up in two lines to take a ride.

Afterwards, we were treated to a social hour at the school. This consisted of lemonade and food.  Steve spent a few minutes talking about the 8's and then asked Jud to give a quick history of the 8 Series to the students.

Seeing the facility, meeting the kids, and understanding first-hand their environment, we went away with the satisfaction that we would be able to help their school in a challenging budget environment.

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